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No Pressure

Let's have a friendly conversation about your next automobile purchase. As your personal consultant employed by you, we discuss your transportation and financial preferences and you make the decisions.

Best Selection

We handle most makes and models, cars trucks and vans. We can share with you the most beneficial ways of vehicle acquisition. We see several thousand cars a week at auction, and can meet your exact requirements in terms of age, make, model and specification.

Relax! Leave The Buying to Us

It is a known fact that the second highest source of anxiety after going to the dentist is going to a car dealership. Avoid the haggling, leave the buying to us.

We Pass The Savings On To You

With the cost of the average automobile at an all time high, you can't afford not to search out the best deal for your next vehicle. Cars trucks and vans have several hidden charges. These charges, such as the dealer's profit on the financing of the vehicle, their profit on extended warranties and the profit on a trade-in can result in a poor automotive investment for you. The dealer's extra profit comes out of your pocket. By retaining a consultant, you not only save money, you also have the benefit of all the services that we offer.

Free Second Opinion

Before you get your next vehicle from another dealer, call us for a price comparison. Let us prove to you that we can do better.

We Help

Make buying a car a pleasant comfortable experience. All new vehicles come with the factory warranty. Using our computer cost analysis, we can establish which vehicle and financial program will benefit you the most.

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